August 6, 2012 Neville Godwin

The Women’s Olympic Time Trial 2012. Walton on Thames, Surrey

As well as the road race, I was lucky enough to have the Men & Women’s Olympic Time Trial courses come within a few miles of where I live.

As you can imagine with the spotlight on Bradley Wiggins, the crowds were always going to be as big as the Road Race, if not bigger. Even with arriving well before the Women’s time trial the prime spots were all taken so I had to be a bit creative. Not wanting to do the standard square-on shots, I thought I’d go to the inside of the track near a bend. The aim was to get riders cornering or at least at a slight angle.

The beauty of the time trial is that you have a few chances at getting the shot. As a result I was able to change lens from a 12-24mm to a 24-105mm after I’d got a few shots exploring the wide-angle distortion. I also used fill-in flash on some of the shots as I was shooting into the strong sunlight.

The balance was trying to capture these very fast-moving cyclists without having static images, shot at 1000/sec. To me they don’t convey the feeling, so I slowed down the shutter speed to try to get a bit of movement.

Anyway here are a few shots I took of the women’s Time Trial. 

If you like them or have constructive comments, please leave a message.

The images I took of the Men’s Time Trial will be posted shortly.

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