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About This Project

“I’m fed up of working for faceless corporates! I want to start a new company and I want the logo to be wacky!”

These were the opening comments from Patrick, who’d asked me to produce the Corporate Identity or Branding for his new events company. He’d sold his previous events company but retirement didn’t sit easy with him and so he wanted to start again. What we found out throughout the logo design process was that one man’s idea of ‘wacky’ is different to anothers. Over the logo design process Patrick clearly stated he didn’t want a blue, clean pharmaceutical-like logo. Yet every time we presented logos, Patrick was dialing it back. So even though we were making the logo more conventional, we kept presenting quite adventurous colour palettes to keep the ‘wackyness’ quota high!

Patrick loved the contrast of the calm putty colour against the vibrant magenta and eventually the logo and strapline “Making the right impression” was finalised. The original idea was to use heat sensitive inks so fingerprints would be picked up on the reverse of the letterhead and the envelope. This was dropped for cost reasons and the stationery set shown above was developed.

Since then Touch Associates has gone from strength to strength and are now based in America as well as the UK and are recognised as one of the top twenty events companies in the industry press.

If you need a new logo, some new corporate stationery or are about to launch a new company, please get in touch (no pun intended!) using the form below or give us a call.

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