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About This Project

We were contacted by Mike McNulty the owner of Stagecoach Weybridge who run Theatre Arts Schools in the local area. They’d been offered the opportunity to run three in-store promotions in the Brooklands Tesco and wanted to know how to proceed as they hadn’t done one of these before.

First of all we did a site visit and spoke to Tesco Management to see if there were any areas we couldn’t use. If there were any other events happening on the days the in-store promotions would take place and also review the flow of the entrance areas so we could position the stands and graphics for optimal effect.

We then discussed what Mike wanted as the desired outcome of these in-store promotions. You’d think this was obvious, more sales, more money but it’s a bit more complicated than that. The end result was three main areas:

  1. Increased brand awareness
  2. Data capture of contact details so Stagecoach could contact them with future offers etc
  3. Sign up kids to the half-term and summer theatre art schools in the local area

Having reviewed the floor areas I suggested the required elements needed for good visibility. This included marketing materials, staffing levels to capture the data and branded clothing.

Mike explained that part of their franchise package meant they had access to the in-house design facility but it became very apparent when they supplied Mike their first design visuals that they’d little or no experience of exhibition or event graphics needed for in-store promotions. Due you my experience in this area Mike then asked me to oversea this area guiding the design facility. So I marked up all the supplied visuals and after a few rounds of amends we got to something that was fit for purpose.

Mike and his staff ran the series of in-store promotions and got great results even though as you can see by the pictures it was very busy at times. They’ve now got a huge list of contact details from parents who wanted information on future theatre schools. They had to put on extra theatre classes as the sign-up was so good all the spare places were filled and of course, all these parents now know about Stagecoach Weybridge and how to contact them in the future.

Are you thinking of doing an in-store promotion or a business exhibition in the future. If so please get in touch. Although only used as consultants on this project we can offer a brief to delivery service, designing, producing and installing your stand as well as producing all your required marketing material. Fill out the form below or give us a call, we’d be happy to meet or Skype if distance is an issue.

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