Pull-Up Banners & Promotional Paint Swatch



Pioneer had launched a new decoration service to complement their well-established home insulation service. They needed more people to know this new service exists and were given a last-minute opportunity to sponsor a ball.

My Role

I was to design promotional items to maximise the visibility of the two sides to the company, insulation and decoration making sure everyone who attended knew this new service existed. This all had to be designed, printed and assembled within a set budget and at very short notice.


I designed two pull-up banners to promote the two sides to the company, making sure they worked well together or apart as the final layout of the ballroom had not been finalised. I also designed a promotional piece based around a paint colour swatch using the brand’s colours. This was tied to a paint ‘tester’ brush to make it stand out and leave the recipient with something they could take away and use, helping to cement the link to this new decorating service. This was positioned on every attendee’s place setting.


The ball was a great success, the pull-up banners gave a focus where people could ask questions and the promotional paint swatch had the desired effect, creating conversation and awareness about this new service. Shortly afterwards I received this testimonial from the client.

“Wanting to maximise a sponsorship opportunity at short notice, ngd Agency came up with fresh ideas and perceptive advice quickly. Their professional design coupled with quick turnaround has meant that for the first time ever, I feel proud of my marketing material! All done with minimum hassle.”

If you’d like to promote your business, please get in touch. Over the years we’ve supported companies large and small, covering most areas of business. I’m certain we can design a great solution for you.

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