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Having spent the last year of my degree working on fledgling computer paint systems my route into the design industry was operating the huge commercial paint imaging systems such as Scitex, Quantel and Dalim which cost millions of pounds but by today’s standards had less power than an iPhone!

After learning all the key skills of digital photo retouching in 1990 I helped to develop a bridge to the Scitex imaging system from this little known computer called an Apple Macintosh! Little did I know then that I’d just got on the platform that would be the foundation of image retouching for the following decades.

Now working on Apple Computers rather than the big imaging systems, with this experience, I can handle all your photo retouching requirements.

About This Project

We were approached by a property developer who’s client had a Huf Haus but wanted a quite a few changes to it. Before this could proceed they wanted to see a visual of how it would look. This was complicated by the fact that we couldn’t get access to the property to photograph it and so had to work of an old magazine spread. Not ideal!

The pages were scanned and supplied in the two halves with damage to the edges as well as staple damage. The were also moiré patterns evident from the halftone in the original printed magazine.

Our job was to create a visual for the client who wanted all the wood and exterior walls a different colour and the balconies to be changed from metal tubing to cleaner, more modern glass panels. This was on top of mending all the damage and making the image more vibrant.

The images at the top of this page show the before and after shots. The final image was presented to the client on an A1 board and it helped sell the changes and got the property developer the job.

If you need a safe pair of hands to perform your photo retouching either as part of a brochure project or standalone, we’d love to hear from you. It doesn’t have to be property work obviously, we’ve also worked in the fashion, glamour, automotive and advertising industries.

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