Logo Design


The most common request we have is to refresh/update a companies logo.

This is needed for many reasons:
  • They could have merged with another company
  • They may now be able to afford in invest in a professional logo
  • Their product or services could have changed
  • They want to appeal to a different market or demographic
  • Their logo has become old and tired looking.
Logos should ideally be refreshed every five years or so. This is simply because tastes change over time and unless you’re trading on heritage or experience your logo should be updated before as a company you look old fashioned.


It’s often a very difficult subject to speak to a client about as some become very attached to their logo over time and so get very defensive when the subject of being out-of-date. This wasn’t the case with McCarthy Bainbridge Ltd though. They knew they had a problem and as we’d been recommended to them they arranged a meeting to discuss their problem.


“We have had a fantastic response to the rebranding and the advice about social media was an instant hit with customers.

We would not hesitate to recommend NGD for any branding needs, and will certainly be going back when we have the need to do it again.”
Tony Bainbridge – McCarthy Bainbridge Ltd

Their problem was a nice one to have. Since their last logo design they’d grown in stature and we’re now dealing with and bidding against a lot larger companies than themselves. By their own admittion, their logo let them down, to the point they didn’t feel confident about handing out their business cards and had taken the logo off their plan drawings. Not good.


We discussed their business, which is, put simply designing large commercial electrical networks to deal with specific demands. These plans are then given to others to work off and install.


We then went through what they liked and disliked about modern logos and from that created a brief that was signed off. They also said that they are now know in the industry as MBL rather than McCarthy Bainbridge Limited.


The results

As you can see from the results, MBL now have a fresh and refined identity that also has more impact. It’s also adaptable for use in social media streams which they may exploit in the future. Most importantly, it now reflects the quality of their service.


We kept the blue colour palette just making it a bit more vibrant as there was no reason to change it. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, as they say. We then used the initials rather than the full name, joining the Letters M and B, which funnily the client didn’t notice for quite some time. The cube icon was devised for future use either on its own or together with the logotype. It’s a cube made up of cable, reflecting the clients service of supplying three dimensional plans and drawings of electrical cabling.


The client was very pleased with the result, as were we. Beyond the logo the client has noticed how the employees felt a lot more confident when meeting the large clients and we’re now proud to hand out their business cards, knowing it looked professional and reflected their business well.


This is the power of a well thought out logo. If you’d like to refresh your logo, please get in touch using the form below or by phone. We prefer to meet face to face but if distance is an issue we can always Skype.


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