Product Packaging Design

About This Project

We often get asked to create or update product packaging design for clients. I have extensive experience in this area having set up and run the Digital Packaging Artwork Studio for Crabtree & Evelyn and having worked on many major brands over the years such as Moët & Chandon and Marks & Spencer.

We updated the branding on this product line to reflect the new product qualities, to differentiate the product line against it’s competition, explain their benefits, plus bring the brand up to date.

Explaining the relative benefits clearly was of upmost importance. One because there are two versions in the range and so customers have to quickly work out which version is right for them. Second and equally important was that the product merchandisers were finding a lot of the packaging ripped open and left on the shelves. This was not only unsightly but as they had to be replaced it hit profits as well. When we reviewed the situation by conducting in-store research the customers said it wasn’t clear which fitting it had so they’d check to see if it was the right type for their needs. As you can see, quite a task to achieve in a relatively small box.

The previous packaging was more attuned to a trade outlet own brand than a retail packaging experience. By simplifying the message we were able to create a cleaner, bolder pack that didn’t confuse, yet had greatly increased shelf standout. More importantly because of the research we’d undertaken we made sure the ‘Push Fit’ connector fitting was easily seen.

Despite working to tight budgets, plus having to use existing photography, the new packaging was a great success and has doubled sales. Not only that but due to the clearer messaging, product packaging damage in-store was reduced by over 90%! This made the client money before you even take into account the increase in sales. As you can imagine the client was very, very pleased.

If you have a new product you want to take to market or existing packaging that could do with refreshing, please get in touch using the form below or by phone. We’d love to discuss your product and work out ways of helping you sell more.

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