Launch Branding – Naming, Logo & Stationery Design


About This Project

Wanting to go it alone? Tired of working for someone else? Want to be your own boss? These are the driving forces that send a lot of people to call us, wanting help to get them started with their new company launch branding. These were exactly the driving forces that led Graham to approach ngd Agency to help form his new company. At the time it was just an idea he had. Graham was honest, he simply didn’t know how to visually articulate the feelings he had for the company he wanted to create. A company that he’d have wanted to work for…

First of all we got to know about what the new company would be like, who it’s competition would be and how it would stand out from them. We also discussed it’s core values before going away, having been given the task of finding a name for this new venture. We presented a list of twenty names originally to get feel of what the client liked and didn’t like. We then presented further options, checking that they weren’t already in use in a similar business until we finally narrowed it down to one. Fortis was the chosen name, it means strong or strength in latin. Graham felt this represented his company well as he’d gotten a great reputation in the market and could use this strength to get deals that other companies simply couldn’t.

Next was the look and feel of the branding. Graham originally wanted quite a standard, sober, corporate palette which we thought would lack standout and not represent their service, which was anything but standard. We eventually arrived at black as a base colour with green/gray dark and midtones and a acid lime for a highlight colour. Together they still show strength but the highlight colour is contemporary, showing that Fortis maybe built on the past but embraces the future as well.

Next onto the Logo design, which had to show clarity, strength and despite it being a new company, it had to indicate that there was a sense of history as well. Simple then! As with the company naming we presented a few ideas initially and then through discussion we refined and tweaked until it was finished. The icon that sits above the logo is derived from rooftops and is to be used separately as an icon for social media streams and branding. The result can be seen in the image of the mobile phone above. The image is a visual of the mobile website homepage which we’ve still to finalise.

The presentation folder will contain all the proposals and documents for clients. It has key information and legal text on the inside left page and the pattern that sits behind the papers on page three is just a visual metaphor for connections. Put simply, Fortis takes your particular set of criteria and connects you with the best product available, either getting you a loan when others couldn’t and/or saving you lots of money in the process. The two points in the acid green also form a tick, again signifying the correct solution has been found.

If you are thinking of starting a new company, please get in touch using the form below. We’ll happily meet you free of charge to discuss your new venture and propose ways we can support you creating your launch branding and beyond.


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