August 6, 2012 Neville Godwin

The Men’s Olympic Time Trial 2012. Walton on Thames, Surrey

As I said in my last post, the crowds were huge where I was watching, although less than at Hampton Court. I was at the corner of Burwood Road and the Seven Hills Road, a sharp left-hand bend, which was where the halfway split was taken.

It was Wiggo mania! The crowd was split into four distinct groups:

  1. Diehard Cyclists and cycling fans
  2. People who lived locally and thought they’d pop down to see what all the fuss was about
  3. People who had failed (or had been failed by the ticketing system) to get any Olympic tickets and just wanted to see an Olympic event, any event
  4. People who didn’t even know what a bike was but had heard this guy Wiggins was quite handy!

It made for a cosmopolitan bunch, some explaining the rules and procedures to the unsure who seemed to be more interested in their picnic! Others in full cycling gear arrived early to pay homage to the elite of the sport. The Olympic volunteers were really good, giving the crowd information, what rider should be next etc. The whole thing had a sense of community, maybe it was the fabled “Olympic Spirit”.

I was so glad I went.

Here are a few shots I took of the Time Trial.  I hope you like them.

If you like them or have constructive comments, please leave a message.

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