November 25, 2015 Neville Godwin

Why Your Logo Design is Everything. (Part 1)

Logo Design - Simplicity is often the best route


Nike, Shell and Apple. What do they all have in common apart from very large marketing budgets – they also have really simple, visually recognisable logo designs.

Your own business logo is just as important as these iconic brands. You may not have the turnover or public recognition but your logo still needs to summarise what your business is all about. Done well it’ll distil it down to a simple graphic or font choice. This is a pretty tall order but it is possible..

A great logo design tells customers your story.

A lot of small and not so small business owners believe this is one area they can save money because it seems like a simple thing you can take care of yourself. But in the same way that having a camera doesn’t make you a photographer, or pots and pans a chef, I’d suggest you hire a professional, so at the end of the day you look professional.

Sure, you’ve got a computer that has come preloaded with 50 fonts. You also like the colour orange so it’s pretty much a done deal! Well no… You should ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want your logo design to be memorable and tell your unique small business story?
  • Do you want your small business to have a unique voice that sets it apart from your competition?
  • Do you want to influence your customers to feel things just by looking at your branding? Maybe you want them to understand it’s a premium service and so they shouldn’t expect you to be the cheapest but one of the best. This will stop many tyre-kickers even making contact and so you’ll be able to spent a lot more of your time focusing on giving the premium service to your clients.

Anyway if the answer is yes to any of the above points, you need our help. 

Give us a call, we’re here to help, we’ll work on a bespoke design options while allowing you to work to your strengths.

A great logo design tells customers you’re different.

I’ve been to so many networking meetings where I’ve been handed a business card with an obvious template based business card and logo. We’ve all seen those adverts for Vistaprint and the like. Press this button and type in your name and it’s done. The TV commercials make it sound so simple. This all sounds good until as happened at a networking event I was running, you meet someone with the exact same branding as someone else. I asked these two people what their company was and they had to explain that although they looked the same they were in fact two very separate companies! Worst still one was a bookkeeper and the other a personal fitness trainer! One or probably both of them had got it completely wrong. All this to save a bit of money but what is the real cost?

Basically if you don’t take your company seriously, how can you expect others to as well?

  • Admit it – when choosing from the selection of template logos, there wasn’t one that properly described your company? So even if you look at the one you selected, there’s something not quite right, something missing. It doesn’t matter if you can’t tell what it is, that’s our job and when you get in touch we’ll tell you.
  • Doesn’t your company deserve a logo design that tells your own unique story?
  • Doesn’t your company deserve a logo design that reflects the true quality of your product or service?

If the answer is yes, you need our help.

In part two the final part, I’ll talk about getting trust through Logo Design and take you through how we handle logo projects, some samples and testimonials.

Part two can be found here.

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