September 30, 2011 Neville Godwin

Silkscreen Print: Sheriff of Nothing – A badge of honour!

Sheriff of Nothing Silkscreen Print by Neville Godwin

Sheriff of Nothing Silkscreen Print by Neville Godwin. Edition of 6

Well the above is my latest silkscreen print completed this week. The inspiration came from various sources. I used to go to the Le Mans 24hr car race every year and for a period we started calling each other ‘Sheriff’! It was Le Mans and we were drunk... day becomes night and night becomes day… but those stories are for another time.

Well anyway, I was thinking about those trips gone by marking time and how life can pass you by. Some friends get married, some get divorced, some have babies and some friends pass away. The circle of life in it full glory. I realised the obvious thing which is that some things you can control but most you can’t. More importantly I realised I’m now happy with that! It’s not that the fight has been beaten out of me, it’s just I’m content with my lot. This print just states that. I’m in control of and rule nothing in the grand scheme of things. I roll with the punches. A good comparison would be how in Zen teachings you must try to be like water. Water always finds the path of least resistance, rather than fighting through things, it will just go round them. Life is too short to clutter your life with these issues. I suppose the print is about all these things.

It’s a badge of honour! 

As you can see from the earlier paragraph where my brain seems to have been poured over the page, these prints and the printing process is quite cathartic. It’s a complete break from the day job. Whilst printing I shut off and surround myself with the process. I get into autopilot and this gives me space to consider, to think. I have no idea what the next print will look like, it’s a road trip and I’ll just see what the next town brings. Although I obviously have my own style, I don’t want to get concerned with creating a body of work with similar style and subject matter. Let’s see what the future brings.

Getting technical, the print uses five colours. The star has a yellow base which helps boost the metallic gold that’s on top. The brown lettering also has a white underneath it it help knock the black back. I chose to overprint the brown rather than knock the black out and I wanted the interplay between the shadow. It creates little shapes and patterns which are unexpected and add to the print quality for me.

Again I’ve tried to keep the print simple, graphic and limited the colours. It was printed in an edition of six, priced £175 + P&P each.

Let me know if you like the print or have any constructive comments? I’d welcome feedback.

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    • Hi Carlo, A positive response is good… the world needs more laughter. I’m not expecting people to read the reasons I had for doing the print. If it rings home or strikes a chord, then that’s great. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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