November 29, 2013 Neville Godwin

Silkscreen Print Design: Maybe you’ve been looking for this?

Sign - Silkscreen Print Design

Over the last few months I’ve had time to prepare the artwork for my next silkscreen print design. Maybe you’ve been looking for this? as I’ve not been able to print due to an ankle operation. The above is the second one I’ve finished with a series of ten prints being worked on as well.

Again this silkscreen print design is a simple play on words but it stayed with me and so I thought it had merit and was worth printing. These are the sort of ideas that got lost in the twenty or so years between finishing my degree and starting to print again and is the main reason I sought out a print studio cialis online overnight delivery. I used to get frustrated that I didn’t make time to create something with whatever ideas I had. Now that isn’t the case and it’s great to get these ideas out of my head and onto paper.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at the various prints on this blog and as always all constructive criticism and over-the-top praise is welcome.

I’ve now set up a Facebook Page to show just my prints. If you’d like to be kept more up-to-date, please like this page.

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