July 26, 2012 Neville Godwin

Olympic Graffiti Art – Mark Cavendish – The Manx Missile

Mark Cavendish - the Manx Missile Graffiti on Box Hill

Mark Cavendish – the Manx Missile Graffiti on Box Hill

The National Trust at Box Hill are apparently being quite relaxed about Tour-style graffiti on the race routes  for this weekends road races. Which makes a refreshing change. I feel it’ll really add to the atmosphere. Now I’m not saying we can transform Box Hill into Alpe d’Huez but it’ll give it that big race feel. Well done to the National Trust. Sadly this is after one of the Olympic committees painted over this brilliant piece my Mau Mau.

I personally think it sums the modern Olympics up perfectly… maybe holding up a mirror to the misappropriation of the Olympic ideal was too real for them!

Clown Town Olympics by Mau Mau

Clown Town Olympics by Mau Mau

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  1. Hi Cat, Thanks for the feedback. We all spent time putting these things together so it’s nice to get the odd pat on the back. Glad it made you smile…

    Love the distressed vintage LV case on your blog, hate to think what it cost though. 🙂 Great focus on your blog… ours is a bit more eclectic

  2. Opening ceremonies were pretty cool. Tough to top Beijing, but the Chinese had a huge advantage in being able to contract inexpensive workers. London would have had to spend a fortune to put on the same show. Surprised they left out Elton John in their tribute to British musicians. Seemed to be intentional to me to leave him out. Wonder why…

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