December 22, 2010 Neville Godwin

ngd Agency Christmas Card with QR Code – Something a bit different…


ngd Agency's 2010 Christmas Card with QR Code

ngd Agency's 2010 Christmas Card with QR Code



This year with all the turmoil, both politically and economically we thought we’d do a fun card as a counterpoint and so a simple image of a tree made up of little trees was created and some branding imagery on the inside. The thing that makes it different is the QR Code or that funny patterned thing as the star on top of the tree.

They’ve been used extensively in Asia and are common in America to but are new to the UK. With the increase in smart phones in the UK having QR scanners built in or available as a free download, QR Code usage is now more practical.

We’ve used them on client’s business cards (importing all the details onto your phone) and promotional literature to at a bit extra to the communication piece (small video, instructions etc). As reading isn’t guaranteed due to awareness, we only use it to add supplementary information or as an alternative to imputing the information, saving the viewer effort.

If you’d like to know more on how we can use these to promote your business please get in touch.

As stated this was only a fun little piece and the code takes you to a little movie Santa did for us.. use the link below to view..

Anyway hope you have fun with it, hope you all have a great Christmas…

Regards the ngd Agency team….

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