November 21, 2013 Neville Godwin

New Silkscreen Print Design – Captain of Bugger All!

Captain of Bugger All - A Silkscreen Print by Neville Godwin

Captain of Bugger All – A Silkscreen Print by Neville Godwin

Well here is the latest Silkscreen Print Design to be finished while I wait for my ankle to fully heal so I can start printing again.

This is a sister print to one I did a year or so ago called “Sheriff of Nothing” which you can see here. It is to the same scale as the first print so can sit side by side and be seen as a set.

The print deals with the same subject matter as “Sheriff of Nothing”, it’s just the summation of middle age where you feel you should have things under control by now but realise you control nothing and are still just a pawn in a much larger game. These have been phrases that I’ve had in my head for a couple of years and it’ll be good to commit them to paper so I can move on.

Since leaving college and either not making the time or having the facilities to create prints, I’ve let ideas fade. By creating simpler, more graphic prints, I can hopefully get more ideas on paper rather than staying doodles in sketchbooks and on post-it notes.

I’m sure the final silkscreen print will differ from the visual above but that’s the beauty of the print process. If I wanted an exact copy, I’d just get a high quality digital print but the beauty of printmaking for me is the journey, the transformation the print process has on the work. I like to embrace ‘happy accidents’ and not get too hung up on having everything perfect. It is a handmade print after all.

I’ll post images of the print when it’s finished so you can see if it changed much in the journey, which I hope will be before Christmas this year.

Anyway I hope you like the proposed print design. As always constructive criticism and amazing praise are always welcome.

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