April 7, 2011 Neville Godwin

My first silkscreen prints in 20 years

True Romance by Neville Godwin - 2011

True Romance by Neville Godwin - 2011

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts I’ve decided to take up silkscreen printing again. A discipline I’d studied extensively at Maidstone College of Art (Now Kent University*) when I did my degree in Fine Art Printmaking. Then I was doing complex 20 colour plus prints but now I wanted silkscreen to be the antithesis of my daily work in Branding and Design. The refresher course was held at the Ochre Print studio in Guildford one night a week, for a month. It was exactly what I needed and I soon realised what I loved about the format all those years back.

Through the years my tastes and views naturally have matured (although my wife may say otherwise!) and so I wanted to approach silkscreen from a different place:

  • I want it to be a creative outlet.
  • I want it to be a quicker process of visualising ideas than I’d previously had at college.
  • I want to work with less rather than more.
  • I want it to be less concerned with the craft and more concerned with the feel.
  • I want it to embrace the format and process.
  • I want to work with ‘happy accidents’.
  • I don’t want to be obsessed with creating editions
  • I want to develop my visual language.
  • I want it to be a journey.

The trouble with restarting this process was that I had very few ideas. I’d just got out of the habit. I asked my wife Michelle and she said ‘why don’t you do a nice heart for me?’ The above print is literally my response to that request (Cebuss is Michelle’s nickname but it would take too long to explain). On seeing the print my wife said that me doing something that she didn’t expect is what she expected from me!

Below is the first print for twenty years a smaller alternate version of the design I’d designed earlier. It’s a favourite quote of mine and so created a subject quickly, something I was struggling with. This print was more about getting back in the saddle than the end result. I used colours that had been premixed by other artists and as such was forced into creating a new palette. I’m happy with it although I will create the full size A2 version later on just so the version in my head is out there….

I’ve entered myself into exhibition to force myself on a future break to draw and start the process of creating again. Over the years without a creative outlet, these ideas went nowhere and were forgotten…. then over time I just stopped noting things down as I knew they would just stay as ideas. I hope to change that.

Let me know if you like them or have any constructive comments? I’d welcome feedback.

Life Lessons #1 (Alternate Version)

Life Lessons #1 (Alternate Version)

* Is it me or is every building used for education now a University!

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  1. arthur shackle


    Creativity unleashed – where will it go now ?

    Michael showed me your b/w shots of your Father – now the screen prints. You must be feeling excited by what is emerging.

    Arthur Shackle

    • Hi Arthur,

      Thanks for the comments. More silkscreen is where it’ll go and more photography. I’ve been doing photography for my business product shots etc for years but the personal projects my dad being a fine example have not been shown before. I’ve just got to a point where I need to make time for these interests before life passes me by… thanks again and pop back at the end of may and I should have some more prints done by then…

      Hope you’re well.

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