March 13, 2010 Neville Godwin

Kick-Ass The Movie – Great Poster Design and a Comic Book Film That Lives Upto The Hype?

I collect film posters, usually 1960/70’s sexploitation movie posters from such visionaries as Ted V Mikels and America’s greatest auteur Russ Meyer.

While these posters for some are an acquired taste they are beautiful examples of poster design and I’ll show some of my collection in future posts. But this post is about the posters of the new Movie KickAss, the first set of posters I’d want to collect since Tarantino’s Kill Bill. Which if any of you know your films know that Quentin has cited the huge influence both Ted and Russ have had on his work so maybe there’s the link! In Fact I have the original US Poster of this Movie before it was split (unsuccessfully) into two parts (See below).

The comics for Kick-Ass are superb and even if you’re not a regular comic buyer (I’m not) they’re worth getting. Most adaptations fall way short of the mark (All Superman films, the early Batman films, the last Spiderman film, the Punisher… I could go on) but the reception this film has good has been astounding across the board.

Below are some of the many posters for the film which while retaining the comic roots, still have a modern twist… and just work.

I for one as a fan of chop-socky, kitsch films in general and graphic style with be at the front of the line for this one!

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