December 6, 2010 Neville Godwin

Craig Damrauer – New Math – Art that puts a smile on your face!

Twitter it’s a wonderful thing isn’t it. We’re always telling clients the benefits of social media and here is a prime example.

Often the twitter stream is too quick but today a tweet from the Museum of Modern Art dropped through and leaped out.

It had the text from a piece of work by Craig Damrauer and it’s simple, beautiful and funny especially if you’ve worked in the contemporary art arena as I have.

Craig Damrauer - Modern Art

Modern Art

Anyway the whole series are really good but because of my art background, this one stood out. So much so I bought one of the print edition available at 20×200 in New York.

So there you have it, a random tweet about and artist in another continent leads to money in his pocket in under an hour! Social media and on-line commerce in action!

He should do one on ‘How much is a logo’ which we get asked all the time. The answer by the way is ‘it depends on the brief and timescale’ but let’s talk about it! 🙂

Anyway checkout his work and tell me what you think? Also check out 20×200 as it looks a pretty cool site and a really reasonable way to buy original editions rather than some dodgy reproduction from Habitat or somesuch!

They also ship worldwide

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