February 12, 2016 Neville Godwin

Charity Logo Redesign – Share the Light

A Logo redesign for the charity Share the Light

A Logo redesign for the charity Share the Light

A month or so ago we were approached by one of the Directors of a local charity “Share the Light” who realised their logo was outdated and not exactly inspiring. They wanted a logo redesign but wanting to spend their money where it would have the most benefit, meant funds were always diverted somewhere else . This meant things like logos, branding and marketing materials tended to always fall by the wayside. As one of the Directors is a client of ours, our name was mentioned as being able to solve their problem and a call was made.

The charity has grown out of a school project which was so successful they wanted to continue the work. This charity raises money for scholarships to put Zambian children through further education. This financial support is needed as a lot of children sadly have lost their parents to the AIDS epidemic in the country. The aim is through education they’ll create the businessmen and women of the future, who’ll drive Zambia forward. Currently there is a knowledge gap and so a lot of expertise has to be hired in from abroad. This charity aims to change this. It’s basically helping the youth of today help themselves and providing opportunities that would, without this charity’s existence be out of reach.

I think you’ll agree it’s a very good cause. We thought so and agreed to help.

We’re still in the early stages of this logo redesign but already it’s taking shape and moving forward. Above is just one of the initial ideas we’ve submitted, placed next to their current logo. The new logo redesign takes the flame from the previous logo and using the colours from the Zambian flag creates a shield like emblem. This could also be used for their social media streams going forward, something you must consider when doing a logo redesign nowadays. The lettering is more compact and uses a pencil for the letter ‘i’, a reference to school and education. The new logo makes better use of space and so has more impact. The logos above are the same width but you notice the one on the right more due to the improved use of space of the logo redesign.

We’re awaiting feedback from the client but hopefully the new logo will be launched soon.

We redesigned logos for a lot clients over the years and if your logo is more than 5 years old, you might want to consider getting it updated. It’ll all depend on the type of business and your target audience as to whether it’s in need of a logo redesign. We can advise you on this so please get in touch. Also if you know of any companies who are looking for a logo redesign or may benefit from one please refer us to them. The initial meeting is free, so it’ll cost them nothing for professional advice.

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