September 28, 2010 Neville Godwin

Brainsmart – Cognitive Enhancers Product Range Packaging

Image of Brainsmart Packaging Range

Brainsmart Packaging Range

After a design process that has taken us in many directions, the final product packaging for the Brainsmart range is signed-off with just the legals and ingredients to be OK’ed..

With a lot of persuasion we helped the client to see that the packaging would look much more engaging without a big image of a brain in the centre of the label! The more subtle and contemporary interpretation will attract more people to try the product, a difficult task when asking someone to put something in their body!

The premium brand is metallic Gold and so will have more standout against the deep yellow of mood in the print run. We’d have preferred a different colour for ‘Mood’, but the customer is always right, as the they say!

With no budget for photography, a clean modern look and feel was decided upon, with simple colour coding to differentiate the products on-shelf.

The product will be available, initially online only until distribution of the products is organised.

Anyway, What do you think?

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