June 7, 2013 Neville Godwin

BoxEd 2013 – Silkscreen, Etching, Linocut, Woodcut Print Exchange & Exhibition

20:20 – Silkscreen Print by Neville Godwin

20:20 – Silkscreen Print by Neville Godwin

I’m a member of the Ochre Print Studio and this year I’ve been invited to take part in their BoxEd 2013 Print Exchange.

The Ochre Print Studio first took part in BoxEd last year. It’s an annual event organised by Hot Bed Press in Leicestershire. This
growing event enables print studios to exchange boxed sets of 20 prints from all over England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

There is an open theme but all prints have to be 20cm by 20cm. That way they all fit nicely in the Box! To participate, each artist is asked to produce a new edition of 25 prints. In return, the artist will
receive a boxed set of 20 prints; 19 randomly selected from other participants and 1 of their own. Nice eh!

Ochre Print Studio were so inspired by the results in 2012 that they decided to run their own print exchange with their members and showcase the results at their Summer Exhibition during the Surrey Artists Open Studio in June 2013.

Apart from each artist getting a box, four BoxEd sets will be auctioned to raise money towards the studio’s ‘match funding’, essential for their main funding application in 2013 plus a new etching facility.

At the top is my finished print for BoxEd 2013. Back in March when I started work on the project I was struggling to find a subject so I thought I’d just use the format 20 x 20 and use it as 20:20 eyesight. The print shows me in my ‘Salad Days’ behind the eye testing equipment. It’s printed on holographic paper to give the simple image standout and add to the space age look of the eye equipment.

The images below shows the print in the early stages and all laid out to select the rejects and sign the edition.

For more information on the exhibition part of Surrey Artists Open Studios 2013 and your chance to bid in the auction for one of the BoxEd editions please click here.

20:20 – Silkscreen Print by Neville Godwin

Cybermen seem to have appeared on my print!

20:20 – Silkscreen Print by Neville Godwin

selecting the prints for the BoxEd 2013 edition

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