February 5, 2010 Neville Godwin

BNI Pull-up Stand. Display Graphics Demand Shows Increased Optimism In Ecomomy

After last year where we saw a lot of our clients cut back or cancel their exhibitions, this year it’s been busy in this area. Maybe it shows increased optimism in the economy, or they feel there is a certain land-grab opportunity as with fewer exhibitors they’ll have more impact.

We recently did a simple display for our local chapter of BNI. The key here is to keep on-brand and have clear messaging.

Clients always want to put everything on their Pull-up stands, but less is more with these things. Choose one offer or statement and then a call to action like a web address or phone number. The rest should just be branding.

We kept the copy quite universal so it could be used in many situations. Getting extra mileage from each piece of display graphics is common sense when everyone is keeping an eye on their budgets

If you know of anyone looking to promote their business at exhibitions this year please send them a link to this page or give them our number. We’d be glad to meet and listen to their needs.

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