February 12, 2011 Neville Godwin

Back to the Old Skool – Silkscreen Print Series Visual #1

Back in the day I got my degree in Fine Art Printmaking, covering all forms of printmaking, litho, woodcut, linocut, etching, monoprint and my favourite silkscreen. I used to exhibit around the world but as life got in the way and my output gradually declined. I found that when I couldn’t act on my ideas immediately, as I could at college, the ideas were stored and then meant less over time and were never realised. As a result I haven’t done silkscreen for nearly 20 years!

The recent sudden death of a college friend brought life into perspective… funny that! You really don’t know what the future has in store for you and tomorrow may never come… As a result I’ve decided to take up silkscreen again but this time with a more graphic edge. It’s been cathartic working to my brief for a change and can only benefit my work long term.

My prints used to be multi coloured affairs (20+ colours in some cases), but as I’ve got more embroiled in graphics, I guess my sensibilities have changed and I want to limit myself to a maximum of four colours.

This is for these reasons:

  • I’ve got to hire the studio time so doing 20+ colour prints would be expensive.
  • To force myself to communicate with a limited palette.
  • To create problems for me to solve.

Also I used to experiment and take advantage of ‘happy accidents’ as I had the time. Without this, I want to take the finalised idea to the studio and if something happens in the screening so be it… but if it goes exactly to plan I’ll be happy with that as well.

Anyway here is the first visual in the ‘Expanding Horizons’ series. The quote has been used in many places, most recently the Spike Lee film 25th Hour but Tom Waits has used it as well as Francis Bacon. It’s a sort of send off for my friend and as I don’t suffer fools so it seemed to fit.

I hope you like it. Let me know? Click the image to enlarge…

Expanding Horizons #1 Life Lessons Silkscreen Visual by Neville Godwin

Expanding Horizons #1 Life Lessons Silkscreen Visual by Neville Godwin

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