November 27, 2009 Neville Godwin

The Meridiana Cuckoo Clock, designed by Pascal Tarabay – Really cool!

Again in my travels I came across this beautifully simple take on the cuckoo clock. It’s available in a variety of colour (five) with golden yellow being my favourite.

Prices seem to vary massively from £250 to £140 so search around if buying.

It’s so clean and a great modern twist on the kitsch Black Forest, Bavarian traditional clock. It moves away from the template by not having pendulums, but I don’t miss them, and it makes it so compact and simple.  Enjoy….

You can visit Pascal’s site by clicking here.


Comments (4)

  1. I am trying to locate a replacement Clock mechanism (# 12888) for a Diamantini Domeniconi – cuckoo clock by Pascal Tarabay. (Mine has been corroded beyond repair by battery acid.)

    Please advise
    Thank You

    • ngdagency

      Hi, sorry but only know of UK distributor which isn’t much use to you in the us. Maybe worth contacting the US distributor for more info.

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